Other Bully Babies
Growin' em out ~ We had these puppies to
grow-out and socialize.  They were with us
from 8 weeks old to about 6 months.  We got
quite close to them in that time.  

We love our Bullies!!!
Other bullies through our doors

Ch. Jaylou's Plum Bogart
Jerry's Kids
Bullies in the Snow
Crazy ~ Bully on crack
Brandy's Litter
Others still

Unfortunately, Missy and our girl Beulah
couldn't get along, so we couldn't keep her.
Missy ~ A beautiful red bully
Big Burtha had one special puppy, our son
Zach nicknamed "Flub-a-Dub".  Flub was
very special from the day he was brought
great!   Our son, Zach, really loved this
Burtha & Flub-a-Dub ~ The one bully litter
A Flub-a-yawn
Missy bully smile




Handled by
Aaron Wilkerson
Missy ~ Our first Breeders term dog
Burtha and her sole pup "Flub-a-Dub"
Sassy Flub
Flub A Dub!!
Jaylou's Plum Spectator 2008 4 months  Cute as a speckled puppy.  Looks like Jersey's watchin' Trotter.
Not much cuter than a bulldog puppies butt, except maybe 2 of them...
Jaylou's Copper Penny ~ AB-SO-LUTE-LY BE-A-U-TIFUL  We Love her...
Bogey stylin' in Asheville
Bogey in Anderson
Trotter ~ Son of Cherokee Legend Rock
Ch. Jaylou's Jobe Trotter
"Penny" ~~ Jaylou's Copper Penny ~~
Patiently waiting for Jersey to finish.  She's
consistently placing 1st or 2nd in her class with a couple
of Reserves in 4 shows and she's now Pointed!!  
Winners Bitch/Best Winner/Best Opp.Sex
Columbia Kennel Club, April 19th, 2009.
Flashy color, big & beautiful head.  
Ch. Jaylou's Bubbles
HEY!! Look at me!!
Oscar at the Bulldog Specialty in Charlotte.  6-9 month class
Jaylou's Oscar
WOW, She sooo pretty!!