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Stormy and her quiet little friend.
My wife is to blame for this... My wife, Laura, grew up in nearby Pendleton, SC.  The Pendleton HS mascot was a bulldog.  Her parents had Chinese
Pugs, so she was already a sucker for the sourmug.  She then went on to join the US Marine Corps after high school, again with a bulldog mascot.  
Her favorite college team is the Georgia Bulldogs (I'm seeing a trend here).

We truly became bulldog people with the purchase of our first bully, Bella, back in 1992.  We quickly fell in love with her, and were forever
changed.  We weren't interested in breeding or showing bulldogs then, we just wanted a bulldog.

After some time went by, and we became better informed owners, we noticed some HOF and Ch. references in her pedigree.  After further
investigation, and discussion with our vet, we decided to breed our girl locally.  We had three successful litters of  bulldog babies from Bella.  Our
(then) vet believed in letting the dog have the puppies, rather than jumping in and doing a C-Section.  We learned that we had a natural whelper.  
It was about this time that we started attending shows and events.

Bella's time to breed came and passed, so we were content to have her as a member of the family.  Bella lived to be nearly 11 years old.  It took
us several years to get over losing Bella.

A couple of years later, we were contacted by a family that had bought a puppy from her first litter, they had learned that we lost Bella.  They
told us they had a brand new litter of puppies, so we went for a visit.  We ended up buying Bella's great-granddaughter, and named her Beulah.  It
was also at this time that we learned of this breeder in Columbia, SC, who sired this litter.

A few heat cycles later, we decided to try to breed Beulah.  Our vet raved about what a good example of the standard we had in her.  It was
then that we contacted Jerry Watson, owner of Jaylou's bulldogs in Columbia, SC.  We talked with him and told him about our girl.

That was just the start of a friendship/ partnership which I truly hope continues for a very long time.

We are active members of the
Bulldog Club of Greenville, SC.  We are also members of The Bulldog Club of America.

We have a NEW GRAND CHAMPION in the house now, GCH Ch. Jaylou's Plum Jersey Girl.  Our first show dog, and all of her points came from

We truly love our bullies and can't imagine even owning another breed of dog.  We like to think we have really matured from our early days of
owning a bulldog.  We breed our dogs solely in attempt to better the breed by producing beautiful and healthy babies from champion stock.
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We are located in the upstate of SC, halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte.

Taterz Bulldogs
111 Wateree Lane
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Taterz Bulldogs