Our Babies
5) Beautiful Baby Girls
Litters Past and Present

"Jersey" ~ Fawn/White True Brindle
Current owner of our hearts...
Check her show status on our Scrapbook
2007 Litter (Beulah)

"Georgia" ~ White w/ Brindle markings
Currently growing out W/ Jerry W.       
Columbia, SC

"Maybelline" ~ Brindle w/ White markings
Current owner of  Travis C.
Taylors, SC

"Uno" ~ White w/ Fawn Spot
Current owner of B. Stables    
Sta-Buls Bulldogs
Hopewell, VA

"Zoey" ~ Brindle/White
Current owner of Christy M. and
Fiancé Quentin K.
Simpsonville, SC
4) Wonderful Baby Boys
2006 Litter (Beulah)

"Peanut" ~ Fawn/White
Current owner of Ross R.
Columbia, SC

"Angus" ~ Brindle/White
Current owner of Lacretia & Randall B.
Campobello, SC

"Tank" ~ Brindle/White
Current owner of Robert S.
Starr, SC

"Oscar" ~ Brindle/White
Current owner of Lou L. and
Travelers Rest High School,     
Home of the Devil Dogs
Greenville, SC
Baby Jersey - I'm gonna be a show dog some day!
2008 Litter (Beulah)
3) Beautiful Baby Bullies

Whelped 7/27/2008
Another litter sired by Ch. Jaylou's Picadilly Plummer!   
We've had great luck with the breeding of Beulah and Plummer.  
They've produced some exceptional puppies.  Beulah is such a great
mama.  She does everything she's supposed to do with the babies.
Tater-tot @ 4 weeks
Kasper @ 4 weeks
Pearl @ 4 weeks
White w/ Brindle spot @ tail

"Tater" or "Tater-tot"
White w/ Brindle spots on face
Jealous Jersey
Jersey checking the babies out
Tater waiting on the Georgia-USC game
Pearl wants to meet Uga
Kasper on a lazy Saturday