Information Page
General Information:
Getting Started in Bulldogs ~ By the Bulldog Club of America
Protecting Your Bulldog ~ By the Bulldog Club of America
Bulldog History ~ American Kennel Club
Bulldog Video ~ American Kennel Club
The Bulldog: An Illustrated Guide to the Standard ~ By the Bulldog Club of America
Clubs & Organizations:
The Bulldog Club of America
The Bulldog Club of Greenville, SC
American Kennel Club
Recommended Reading:
Bulldogs for Dummies ~ Susan M. Ewing ~ A great breed specific book, easy-to-read.  
We give a copy to all of our buyers
The New Bulldog ~ Col. Bailey C. Hanes ~ Fifth Edition 1991                                         
(See Ch. 15 for article on Breeding by Vaginal Smears by Jerry Watson)
Bulldog (Kennel Club Series) ~ Michael Dickerson
The Bulldog (Terra-Nova Series) ~ Diane Morgan
DAMN GOOD DOGS! ~ Sonny Seiler & Kent Hannon ~ The Real Story of Uga, the
University of Georgia's Bulldog Mascots
Royal Canin Bulldog Food
Royal Canin Crown Partner

We Feed and Recommend Royal Canin  
Pet Food

Pet Safety Guide ~ A Pet Care and Safety Guide from our friends at